We believe there is no finer way of spending a day than tearing through a forest on an MTB (Mountain Bike) – immersed in nature, surrounded by scenery, in the company of like-minded friends.


And because it’s not in our nature to keep things to ourselves, our goal is to create a community that shares the same passion for MTB riding as we do.


You may have never sat on a Mountain Bike (MTB) or you may be a hardcore hill hacker.


Either way, we think the best days of riding are those where the riding pushes everyone’s limits as much or as little as you are in the mood for. It’s the camaraderie that counts, and we love it when at the end of the day a group of riders share their stories from the day and vow to do it all again.



It is possible to feel on top of the world a few hundred feet above sea level in Surrey, trust us. You just need a top-quality MTB, an expertly planned route, good guiding and a top-notch company.


We’ve handpicked the bikes, which are state of the art electrically powered designed for comfort, safety and to put you in control of how much power assistance you want on those pedals – from none at all, right up to one of your pedal rotations kicking in another seven from the onboard power pack!


To find the best trails for you, we’ve sped down more hills around London than you’ve had hot derailleurs. And there are two Harmony Bike guides on every ride who will advise and encourage, carry a first aid kit and other bits and pieces like a spare tube, puncture kit, tools, GPS, maps, a compass. Oh, and they’ll have loads of energy bars too.

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We are based in London, so our day-rides take place within easy day-trip range of the capital, in places like Surrey Hills, Swinely Park and Epping Forest. Have a look at our Day Ride page for more details.


Plus, for our overnight Tours we’ve scoured the land for the best combination of terrific trails, spectacular scenery, and the best places to bed down for the night – usually in the style of a shared lodge so we can enjoy our evenings chalet-style. 


We are working on exciting new tours in Wales and Scotland for 2022, so do stay in touch!

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Really anyone with an MTB and a little riding experience is welcome. Though already having an electric MTB (E-MTB) is best, as pedal-power alone will mean it’s difficult to keep up with the rest of the gang.


No worries if you don’t have an E-MTB - we have four for hire. And with variable amounts of help - up to seven times power-assisted pedal rotations for each manual one - we are sure you’ll never look back.


Join us, ride along in harmony, and you’ll see what we mean.

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We’d love to hear from you.


If there’s anything more you’d like to know about Harmony Bikes, our membership or our tours, or if something is just grinding your gears, feel free to email or live chat with us.

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