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The Covid lockdowns made us reconsider what’s important in life and what’s not, right?
And Harmony Bikes founder Dragos looked back on his childhood to rediscover what gave him the biggest buzz. There was no competition, it was everyday MTB riding.
As he was born and raised in the mountain city of Brasov in the heart of Romana’s enigmatic Transylvania region, he didn’t reconnect to gliding serenely around town on a big black bike with a wicker basket on the front either, oh no. Instead, it was shredding down paths on the Carpathian mountains on his MTB.
Whereas the writer of Dracula never actually visited the Transylvanian mountains, or anywhere else in Romania for that matter – more fool Bram Stoker I say - Dragos was brought up there on chair lifts, rough MTB tracks, and an appreciation of friends getting together in the great outdoors.
A successful video and film director/editor here in the UK, Dragos used his three hours per day of permitted lockdown ‘cycling’ wisely. So, even in the worst phase of the early Covid lockdowns, he drove off with his bike onboard to Surrey Hills – a crazily underrated swathe of hilly woodland 25 miles southwest of London. After the lockdown, hundreds of miles up and down the UK touring in England, Wales and Scotland followed by MTB coaching sessions, British Cycling Leadership accreditations and hard work to put this passion project together. 
Very soon Dragos had bought a small E-MTB’s fleet and kick-started the dream of finding new friends and building a community, celebrating life surrounded by nature, on two wheels and feeling free. 

Spring turned to Summer and long-time friend Cristian joined in the fun. This super laid-back chap has 12,000 miles cycled under his belt – including jaunts around France and Spain, as well as childhood years spent carving up the fearsome tracks of the Carpathian Mountains of his native Romania.  
An ever-growing enthusiasm for riding saw Dragos and Cristian pitching up with more pals to tougher tracks, always in search of that perfect downhill flow.
It was exhilaration and comradery that was simply too much fun not to share.
This led to organising biking breaks in Derbyshire, Wales and Scotland. And along the way the Harmony Bikes crew stumbled upon gorgeous apre-pedal pads.
Just so you know that rad tracks by day doesn’t mean you need to rough it by night.

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