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Explore your freedom with one of our guided tours!

We make the tours extremely fun, build a community and help you develop new skills.

Check out our e-bikes for hire if you don't already have one
You Are Invited

There is nothing more special than riding your MTB on a single track or over technical terrain, getting faster and better every day, and no rain or winter can take it away. We fight the mud, the rain, the heat, the cold and anything else that might try to stand in our way. We are going out almost every weekend just to ride and meet new people. So, grab your bike and your helmet and join us!

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Where we ride

We are based in London, so our day rides take place within an easy day-trip range of the capital, in places like Surrey Hills, Swinely Park, The South Downs & Friston Forest, and Epping Forest.

Our Mission

Creating a local diverse and proud MTB community through our constant day rides, making friends and sharing with them some really well-put-together summer holidays. 

We are putting in the hours to develop these experiences and build bespoke packages to deliver MTB Holidays like no others. 


We want people to benefit from how we discovered MTB-ing in the UK by touring for months with our unquenchable thirst for discovery.

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Crafting a Community

Any MTB rider wants to join a group and be part of a community of great new friends, but most of the time people are shy or don’t want to bother others. We are about changing that fear by uniting riders, creating a diverse group, including everyone and enjoying fun days out.

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